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Fearing the Unknown

I've always been a homebody. A person who craves alone time and needs a lot of personal space. In fact, I've never had an issue with aloneness. I've been like this since I was a kid and it really bothered my mother that I stayed in my bedroom all the time. I'm just kind of a loner, even though I'm ... Read More about Fearing the Unknown

All About Me: From A to Z

As a blogger, I'm always coming across other blogs with really cool content and my TwitterFriend Hannah Louise did this A to Z post after following suit from someone else. Blogs like this are contagious, ya know, so I'm doing one myself. Thanks, Hannah, for the idea!     is for Austria: the ... Read More about All About Me: From A to Z

Following The Flutter

You know that flutter thing? That butterfly feeling in your stomach. Or the excitement that you feel when you realize you're following your dream. Or how about that knowing part of you deep inside that says you made the right choice? Flutter. That's flutter. I've experienced lots of flutters over ... Read More about Following The Flutter

Something Old, Something New

Once upon a time, there was a man named Mr. Hottie... As my friend Melissa would say, very much tongue in cheek, that's how every fairytale starts. And you know that old adage about something old, something new? Well, next week on Truly Madly Sassy, I'll be doing something a little different by ... Read More about Something Old, Something New

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