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  1. I was really swept away while reading this post, it is like I could view your journey with you. Thank you for sharing such an emotional experience and I hope you both get to be together, because the kind of love you both have for each other should last forever.

    • You know what the saddest thing about it is? The love does last forever, but the relationship waxes and wanes because of his bad decisions. I love him nonetheless and I know our story is not over. It never is…Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, Beola!

    • That whole thing about having loved and lost than to never have loved at all? Yes. I’m fortunate to have loved that way.

  2. I haven’t had to say good-bye to a love like that, but do think about as we are getting older, how much more time we have together, and if there will be a chance to say goodbye. So we just have to love everyday.

  3. This is an article written by your heart.I can understand how you feel and your pain when you had to let him go. I am sure he read it.

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment, Amila! I’m fairly certain he read it as well.

    • Thank you so much for commenting, Crystal. Hope to see you again on Truly Madly Sassy!

  4. I really enjoyed reading your post. I hope that he reads your final letter and you guys are able to reunite. Everyone deserves to be with the person that they truly love.

    • Thank you so much, Tasheena. I couldn’t agree more with what you’ve just said. This kind of love is rare and letting him go is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I appreciate your comment!

  5. I feel the pain in this. I cry for that woman. My hope is she is no longer. My desire is that the brave, vibrant, authentic soul is alive and thriving in her now. For that is magic too.

    • Never once have I thought of it that way, Diana. Your perspective gives me hope. I’m not quite there yet, but baby steps closer than I was. Being empty of him is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. Thank you so much for your heartfelt comment.

  6. This was very heartfelt . I think you are very lucky to have found that sort of magic . I don’t think we ever really get closure . The hardest part is taking that first step on the road to moving on

    • Thank you so much Tachi! That first step toward moving forward is definitely the biggest and hardest step I’ve ever taken! I don’t know that closure even exists really…not on that kind of love. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Come back anytime!

    • “Thank you so much, Tissy. I’m glad other hearts feel it when one is healing from a broken one. He was my world. Hope to see you again on TMS! Thanks for commenting!”

    • “Thank you so very much, Lauren. I’m just now starting to settle back into my Mermaid Life…and life is good! Hope to see you again soon!”

  7. Thanks for sharing this story. I think a lot of people can relate to it and need to see that others go through it and come out alive so they can too.

    • “Thanks for your comment Keli! I do think so many of us go through this kind of thing more often than not. Everybody has “”that person”” that they love more than life itself. He was mine. And even though it ended badly (due to his behavior, I might add), I am lucky to have loved in such an unconditional way. What’s that saying? How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard… Hope to see you again on Truly Madly Sassy!

  8. I’m sorry you had to deal with the sadness and hurt. Through this trial you will be able to grow and one day help others who will go through the same thing.

  9. We carry people with us everywhere we go and this is no exception. Take your time accepting the new normal though. Situations like this aren’t easily forgotten.

  10. “I know this is a touch off-topic but my aunt is a big Barry Manilow fan and all I can think of after reading this post is ‘Could This Be Magic.’ 🙂 On your post, I think you’re right. Now matter how much time passes, sparkles of magic still remain from every special someone.

    • “Ha! I actually had to go on YouTube to find that song, as I didn’t know it, even though I used to love Manilow’s music. Thanks for the blast from the past where he’s concerned and for commenting on TMS!”

  11. “””letting go of magic”” is a good way of putting it. Those first few months where everything is new and exciting is… well… too bad they can’t bottle it! The magic trick is enter that beginning phase with the realization that it won’t last. That way, you can still enjoy it with your eyes open and planning for the time that sparks fades.”

  12. “I don’t know that love ever gets closure I sooo agree with this statement. I’ve had a few bumpy relationships along the way but one in particular tore me up inside. Even now, almost 7 years after it was done and buried, I still have feelings for that man and that’s why I also wonder if love ever gets closure. It sometimes feels like it all happened yesterday and some morning I actually wake up waiting to see him, forgetting that we aren’t together anymore”

    • “I think that this kind of love doesn’t really end, even when we want it to. Those connections are so rare, and magic is almost unheard of in relationships anyway. I understand what you mean when you say it’s been 7 years and you still have feelings for him. I dare say that I, too, will love the man who had my heart until the day I take my last breath as a little old lady. The hurt he caused me was enough to prompt me to put 7 hours between us so I didn’t have to deal with constant reminders of his mess-ups, but the feelings still remain (not that he deserves it, because he certainly doesn’t). Thanks for commenting on TMS, Amelia. Looking forward to next time!”

  13. “Wow… this had me in tears. It hit a place in my heart because I could resonate with a lot of things mentioned here. However, my story is different (domestic violence), you say everyone deserves unconditional love and that you loved him despite his flaws, this makes me think, if I did the same would things turned out different or would I be settling for less than what I am worth? I hope after all of it, you have found peace with the whole situation and with yourself, that you give yourself the unconditional love you clearly deserve. You have a beautiful heart andI love your writing. I look forward to reading more from you.

    • “Hi Mia! Thank you so much for commenting. I did love him despite his flaws and as I ponder what you’ve said above, I don’t know that anything would have changed in your situation had you done things differently in terms of loving him unconditionally. And I truly believe that either way, you and I both were settling for way less than we deserved. It’s a blessing and a curse to be able to love so selflessly. And as I said in a letter I wrote him last year, it was past time for me to love myself way more than I ever loved him. Takes a lot of courage to learn to love ourselves. I’m a work in progress. Take good care, and I hope to see you on TMS again soon! <3"

  14. “Magic doesn’t come along often, and most people spend their whole lives looking for the love you describe in this post. You can count on one thing: it always makes its way back around. My best to you.”

  15. Loving a man who doesn’t know his own worth often results in this kind of an impass. So thankful you found yourself in the process. May your heart heal as you step forward into your new life.

  16. “His middle initial should be F for Fool. I am so proud of you for walking away and allowing better people in who know how much you are truly worth and treat you as such. You are a jewel, Kat and I’ve known that since our college days. “

    • “Ha! Well hello Susannah! Haven’t heard the name Kat in years and years. Talk about nostalgia! Walking away was necessary, sadly. I miss him often. Stay in touch!”

  17. This broke my heart. I had no idea that any of this had taken place. You are so much stronger than you realize.

    • “Nice to hear from you. Obviously, things are very, very different. Hope you are well. Think of you often!”

  18. “You never cease to amaze me with how strong you are, honey. Letting go is a process, so make sure you’re gentle with yourself as the days and weeks pass.”

  19. “I’m so glad to be your friend because I know how loyal you are to the people you love. Keep looking straight ahead! You have much to look forward to in NC.

    • If only I could get motivated to keep packing!!! LOL! Stop by the condo…we can catch up while I procrastinate 🙂

  20. This kind of love should never be overlooked. I hope that one day you will find your way back to him.

    • “Shouldn’t be overlooked, you’re correct. But sadly, it sometimes is. Thanks for stopping in Hannah.”

  21. “Would you believe that I cried myself just by reading this? The magic you speak of is not only rare, it’s nearly non-existent these days. My hope of all hopes is that I will one day experience the kind of love you have for this unnamed man (every time I read something about him, I want to call him Romeo, and you are most assuredly his Juliet. How morbid!). Best wishes on your move, Kristi. Looking forward to the next post from your new abode (great view, by the way!).”

    • “Egads, Jenny! Romeo and Juliet didn’t have so good of an ending haha! Perhaps we can rewrite the modern day version and change the ending to happily ever after, amen?! HA! And thanks for the wishes. These boxes don’t pack themselves, but I’m looking forward to being on the other side of the move! And the view is what got me because the other house I looked at had way more storage!”

  22. “I’m always anxious to see what transpires in this story of love that you tell so eloquently. I told you a couple of months ago on another blog post that I love how you love so well and I do. I do believe that you also love with everything inside you. I don’t think for one minute that your story with this man is over. Love such as that never dissipates, sorry to confirm that for you.”

    • “As he once said, sometimes things just play themselves out. And you certainly didn’t need to confirm it for me as I know it all too well already. Hope you’re doing well, Sarah. Always happy to see you show up here! :)”

  23. “There are those men like me who do not know what they have until someone we love walks out of our lives. As a man who has had this happen, I have to admit to you that she was always the one and I knew it. I was just too scared to do anything about it until it was much too late. I carry that seed of doubt inside of me every minute for not making the choice I should’ve made when I should’ve made it. What a mouthful. Tragic is an understatement.”

    • “Hi again Andy! I think we all, at one time or another, have hedged our bets too long and lost a great hand. I think that’s why they say hindsight is 20/20…at least it has been for me so far. Glad to hear from you.”

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